Thought Driven Development a Methodology of Abile Development

MeditationWarning: This is a rant against TDD extremism! Sensitive TDD people better step out of this dark sleazy communist place right now!

I used to believe in Agile Programming. I tried XP and Scrum. But at some moment the Agile movement moved onto milking the cow. Expensive books – lots of them – appeared on Continue reading

Bad advice on exceptions from Joel

BadStarting from some comments on my exception handling series of articles I run into a couple of blogs pointing to this post on
I think this is the worst advice on exception handling I have ever read, sorry Joel.
I know this is an old post, I know Joel is entitled to his own opinion and I know he has the right to write his code as he sees fit. But as an opinion leader he influences others. Continue reading

Software development dogmata – good practices gone bad

DogmaMany practices in the software development world are widely accepted at some moment in time as the “true way”. The trouble starts when the “true way” is forced down the throats of people who need a “new way”. Usually popular practices follow a similar path between the moment somebody discovers/creates them and until they get massively popular. Continue reading

How bad comments are born in your code

ClarifyMany programmers mention their support for “good” comments in the code. A significant percentage of all developers think the quality of the comments is one of the traits that separate good experienced programmers from the rest. But the cruel reality is lots of code out there is not commented at all or, even worse, it is commented but the comments are so bad they make understanding the code harder. Continue reading

Code review – The meaningless ritual

MeasureMost of the time code reviews are a meaningless ritual. Everybody pays lip service to the importance of code reviews and a lot of people, especially in the management, are convinced that code reviews very effectively reduce the number of shipped bugs.
The problem is… most developers hate code reviews and avoid them like the plague. If they can’t avoid them, then they show up and act their part like in a play at the theater of the absurd. Continue reading

StringBuffer vs. StringBuilder performance comparison

SpeedEven if the StringBuilder was around for a while now, many people still use StringBuffer in single threaded applications. The main difference is stated in the StringBuffer comments:
“As of release JDK 5, this class has been supplemented with an equivalent class designed for use by a single thread, {StringBuilder}. The StringBuilder class should generally be used in preference to this one, as it supports all of the same operations but it is faster, as it performs no synchronization.” Continue reading

The 10 minutes “Getting started with RMI” tutorial

Remote controlSince Java 5 working with RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is very easy. You don’t need the rmic compiler unless you work with legacy RMI clients. Now stubs are generated automatically at runtime.
As a result, writing distributed or client-server applications becomes trivial. Let’s see a very minimalistic example.

Our scenario will have a server sharing an object via RMI and a client calling the shared instance. Continue reading

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